Southern Minnesota Crop Report 11/2/11

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Lots of tillage is being done now that harvest is wrapping up.  Considering all of the challenges throughout the growing season, including extremely dry summer months and straight-line winds in August, farmers in this area were satisfied with their yields.  Combining many corn acres was slow going, but many farmers were pleasantly surprised by the yield results.  On a farm near Osage, Iowa, Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids LH 5465 VT2 Pro made 205.5 bushels and  LH 5155 VT3 went 205 bushels per acre (bu/A) with 16% moisture.  Also in this area, LH 5033 3000GT produced yields of 196 bu/A with 14% moisture and LH 5228 VT3 went 194 bu/A with 15.5% moisture.

Soybean yields ranged from the mid-50s to high 60s this season. On a farm south of Osage, Latham® Hi-Tech Soybeans L2182R2 made 64 bu/A and L2084R2 made 63 bu/A.  On another local farm, Latham’s L2084R2 beat Pioneer 91Y92R by 6 bushels (62 bu/A v. 56 bu/A respectively). Across the board, soybeans with the industry’s newest Roundup Ready 2 trait combined with Latham genetics are handily beating soybean brands with the first generation Roundup technology.  Be sure to plant RR2 soybeans from Latham in 2012!

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