Larry Sailer, Musings of a Pig Farmer


A self-described “pig farmer” for the last 50 years, I also raise corn and soybeans on a farm near Iowa Falls, Iowa. I’m passionate about educating consumers regarding the food I produce on my family farm.

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Larry taking part of a farmer panel that shared bits of wisdom to the ISU Corn Growers Association. This ISU Association began to immerse students in the real-world issues that they will face when they graduate from college.

Give Back Now and Always

Let’s talk passion! No not the kind in romance novels, although some of that is desirable. I want to talk about having passion in your…

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Check the Facts, then Check the Box

Participate in our Country’s Future by Voting On this Election Day, I’ve been reading nasty remarks about politicians. These comments group all politicians together, which made…

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